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For the home video distribution of the blockbuster, The Maze Runner, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment partnered with LEWIS Pulse.

Together we launched a campaign that would grab the attention and spark the imagination, of the youth market. The innovative online strategy, tactics and execution achieved viral success. It even grabbed the attention of traditional media.
Producers, NewBeTv, and LEWIS created a YouTube concept: A Dutch version of the Maze Runner. The star was obvious: influential vlogger, Theaumes. He had Tweeted that he could be the Dutch Maze Runner. Theaumes, and his strong fanbase of young adults (178,000+ subscribers), formed the basis for the three episodes. 
The episodes were based on the original movie storyline. The vlogger would be ‘dropped’ in an unknown destination in the Netherlands. The goal: to escape an urban maze within a strict timeframe. Theaumes invited fellow influential vloggers in the Netherlands to join him in one of the three episodes.

Episodes were recorded with GoPro’s, drones and handheld cameras. This helped to convey energy, pace and action. It also created exciting and diverse perspectives for the viewers. All recordings were mixed with material from the original movie. This ensured promotion of the movie stayed central to the videos.

Viewers were also encouraged to react on YouTube. They could set new challenges for anyone who failed to make it out of the maze in time. The user-generated challenges added another level of engagement with fans. Challenges could be anything – including waxing! 

The result was a hugely successful campaign. It reached over 135,000+ YouTube views and over 2,000 YouTube comments.

Watch the video to find out more.

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