Connecting Comms and Creative arts.

kupambana-icon11The LEWIS Foundation is a not-for-profit initiative founded by LEWIS to champion the adoption of visual and creative arts in communications.

The Foundation seeks to identify new artists, concepts and ideas in graphics, video, photography, illustration, music and fine art. It will help train students as well as professionals and produce insightful research into applied creativity in communications. It is intended to become a global source of inspiration, talent and knowledge to encourage the arts to work more closely with the communications industry and to enhance the skills of communicators.

The Public Relations industry is changing as digital channels enable new ways of communicating. The key to successful digital communication is content that is creative, quick, polished and timely. This is likely to come from better and more plentiful graphics, photography, illustration, and videography.

The LEWIS Foundation reflects our goal to build a global collective of creative businesses under a unified brand dedicated to advancing the way brands communicate.

  • Funding research into creativity through partnerships with academic institutions
  • Showcasing and promoting emerging artistic talent
  • Providing training in creative techniques for professional communicators